Chair: Ashley Thompson Holloway

Co-Chairs: Sarah Brown & Derrick Mitchell

The Community Action Program of the UAW (CAP) is the union’s non-partisan political arm.  Since the 1960s, the National CAP Department coordinates the UAW’s efforts to educate, organize and mobilize the union’s nearly 1 million active and retired UAW members in electing pro-worker candidates.  CAP also works with members to hold our elected representatives accountable during the course of their terms by organizing UAW member lobby visits.

Political endorsements are made by UAW CAP Councils which are comprised of union members who screen candidates.  Candidates receive UAW endorsement on the basis of their voting records and their stand upon issues that affect working Americans.  Over the years, the UAW has endorsed Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

An integral part of National CAP’s strategy is building coalitions with other unions and progressive groups to elect pro-working family candidates at the local, state, and national levels and to promote progressive legislation.

National CAP also coordinates fundraising for UAW-V-CAP, our union’s political action committee. Funded by voluntary contributions from tens of thousands of UAW members and their families, UAW-V-CAP enables us to pool our resources to support pro-working family candidates.

Bargaining Committee

Mike Herron
Jay Lowe
Zone at Large – 1st
Danny Taylor
Zone at Large – 2nd

Joe McClure

Derek Lewis
Bill Cundiff
Dedrick Wells
Chris Potts

Danny Bragg
Daniel Wray
Dominic Perez
Chris Brown

1853 Officers

Jay Lowe
Mike Herron
Vice President

Financial Secretary
Mark Wunderlin
Recording Secretary

Trustee (3)
Dave Clements
Dave Spare
Sgt. at Arms
David C Spare
Ashley Holloway
E-Board at Large (2)
David Ryder

GM Unit Chair
Mike Herron
Leadec Unit Chair
Larry Poole
Ryder Unit Chair
Patrick Linck
AFV Unit Chair

Retiree Chair
Mike Martinez