GM sales up 3.9% in first half of 2013

GM sales up 3.9% in first half of 2013
Tue, Jul 16

The New York International Auto Show Kicks Off InGeneral Motors Co. said Tuesday that the automaker sold 4.85 million vehicles globally during the first half of 2013, up 3.9 percent from the same period in 2012 as North America and China posted strong gains. Global sales for GM in Europe fell 6.5 percent during the first six months of the year, while sales in South America also slipped by 1 percent.

GM’s six-month tally may help the automaker gain some ground on Toyota Motor Corp. for the global sales crown. Toyota, which plans to release global sales for the first half of 2013 on July 25, has sold more than 4 million vehicles worldwide through the first five months of 2013. GM’s first-half figures were slightly ahead of Volkswagen AG, which said Friday it had 4.7 million global deliveries for the first half of 2013, up 5.5 percent from the 2012 period.

GM said its largest brand, Chevrolet, had a 1.4 percent sales increase during the first six months of 2013, selling a record 2.5 million vehicles globally. Chevy sold more than 1.3 million vehicles globally in the second quarter, the 11th quarter of increased sales in a row for the bow-tie brand thanks to vehicles such as the Onix subcompact in Brazil and Colorado midsize truck in Southeast Asia. The Chevy brand sold a record 4.95 million vehicles in 2012.

“Chevrolet is in the midst of the most aggressive new product rollout in the brand’s history,” Alan Batey, senior vice president of global Chevrolet, said in a statement. “The continued sales growth around the world is a result of a focused effort to strengthen Chevrolet’s presence in developing markets as well as its relationship with consumers by offering the right products, technologies and world-class customer service.”

The U.S. remained Chevy’s top market through the first half of 2013 with 1.02 million sales, up 5.6 percent over the same months in 2012 as small car sales have shot up nearly 25 percent and full-size truck

sales jumped 23 percent through June. Next was China with nearly 322,000 sales, up 6.1 percent; Brazil at 305,000 sales, up 5.1 percent; Mexico at 91,000 sales, up 15.7 percent; and Russia with 80,200 sales, down 16.1 percent.

GM spokesman Jim Cain said the Russian government recently reinstated a loan subsidy program through the end of 2014 that will help boost vehicle demand. GM plans to invest $1 billion in Russia over five years to boost annual capacity there.

Chevrolet, which sells vehicles in more than 140 countries, last week announced it will enter Myanmar this year. It will sell Chevy vehicles through a partnership with Pacific Alpine Pte. Ltd.

“About 90 percent of the vehicle population in Myanmar is more than five years old,” Albert Pang, managing director of Pacific Alpine Pte. Ltd. said in a statement. “The change in policy to allow the import of new cars will see a swift response from global and regional players. We want to put our foot in the door before the floodgates open.”

Ford Motor Co. earlier this year said it would also enter Myanmar and planned to bring many of its most popular vehicles to the country by the end of the year.

•GM sales up 3.9% in first half of 2013

General Motors said Tuesday that the automaker sold 4.85 million vehicles globally during the first half of 2013, up 3.9 percent from the same period in 2012.

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