Don’t scapegoat union workers who made middle class

Don’t scapegoat union workers who made middle class
2:13 PM, Mar. 3, 2011 

Written by
Larry Sorrells, Asheville
Regarding the recent letter “Taxpayers can’t afford unions abusing their privileges” (AC-T, Feb. 26), the writer would have you believe that unions have declined due to them not being needed and not being popular.
Recent polls show otherwise. Traditional union jobs such as automobile, rubber, textile, electronics, etc., have been moved overseas by corporations to avoid payment of decent wages and benefits and to avoid safety and environmental standards. Many of the remaining jobs have been automated and have disappeared. The UAW built Detroit, and that city is coming back. European cars are almost all union-made. Those autoworkers make more money than ours, the unions have a seat on company boards, and their economies are doing pretty good.
Public employees are your neighbors. They are the fireman, teacher, policeman, social worker, nurse, janitor, highway worker, paramedic, etc. They pay taxes, buy goods and services, go to churches and take part in the community. These are important jobs. These people should draw a decent salary, have a retirement system and have benefits also.
It seems like some people are always trying to make “scapegoats” of other groups of people. This country is not just for the rich. Let’s keep the working middle class.

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