Retirees’ benefits cut by GM, not UAW

Retirees’ benefits cut by GM, not UAW


October 27, 2009 09:00 am

— Robert Johnston’s disdain for the United Auto Workers is quite obvious, but I wonder if he returned the many wage increases and benefits he received as a result of UAW-GM negotiations? GM cut your benefits, not the UAW.
He cries about the UAW getting 17 percent of GM, but that is in lieu of billions of dollars that GM had agreed to put into a fund for UAW retirees medical care. The UAW does not even have a seat on the board. He also wrongly stated that we “have full benefits while he lost some of his.” We lost vision and dental care, increased co-pays on medical and the doubling of co-pays on prescriptions, plus a pay cut, hardly full benefits. We also did not get a $300 a month increase in our pension payments that he received.
Johnston said President Obama lied because Johnston didn’t get a $800 tax cut, but the cut was for working Americans. Johnston received a one-time $250 payment, as did all those on Social Security. President Obama is now calling for another $250 payment because those on Social Security will not receive a cost-of-living-allowance raise next year.
At least we can be happy that neo-con John McCain didn’t get elected because he wants to send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan without listening to all of the options, and Sen. Lindsay Graham wants to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, navy and air force without trying to negotiate. Warmongers.
Jerry L. Hodson

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