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Breaking News from Chairman Mike Herron

Spring Hill L-850 Engine Plant To Build Two Millionth Engine Today

The Spring Hill Powertrain Plant will build its Two Millionth L-850 Engine at about noon today (Wednesday September 16, 2009)!
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Powertrain Team for this tremendous accomplishment. Building two million Union Made, American Engines for General Motors Products around the world is a great feat! I am very proud of every member, both active and retired that has contributed throughout the years in reaching this important milestone!
I also look forward to the next two million engines being made in Spring Hill. Our future is bright based on product portfolio requirements of the fuel efficient 4 Cylinder L-850 Engines.

Automotive News announces GM may add another Equinox Plant

According to a report from the the Automotive News, General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz stated in a news conference on Tuesday, that the New General Motors Company is studying how fast that they could add another Plant to build the highly popular new Equinox Sport Utility Vehicle. The Equinox is a smaller version of the Traverse and looks really sharp. This newly launched vehicle was recently featured in a Spring Hill state of the business meeting for the Powertrain Members to see. Spring Hill’s L-850 engine goes into the Equinox . Powertrain members that are building these world class 4 cylinder engines really liked the design and styling of the Equinox. It is a great, fuel efficient, affordable vehicle for a family reminiscent of the Saturn VUE from a size and multiple use perspective. It is not surprising that this Chevrolet Product is a hit in the marketplace given the design and standard options.

I would also like to say that General Motors does not have to look too far for a Super Flexible and Technologically Advanced Plant with a World Class Workforce that could build this product or any new product immediately! We could be up and running quicker than any facility in North America. The best part about this, is the investment has already been made in Spring Hill and to build the Equinox would require very little additional capital. The whole reason that a Billion Dollars was spent in Spring Hill to upgrade this site was to be flexible and capable of quickly changing over to new products that the market place and our customers demanded. There is no plant in GM’s Fleet that could meet the stringent time requirements of the increasing volume for the Equinox- Terrain Platform with out massive capital expenditures. The return on net assets would be accomplished as well.

I hope that the new GM considers Spring Hill when and if opportunities for additional volume of the Equinox or it’s architectural derivatives present themselves as the Automotive News story reported. The fact that Spring Hill makes the engine that drives this product would be an added cost savings on the transportation and would increase the return on Investment for for The New GM. The Theta Platform which the Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain are built on was originally introduced in Spring Hill when the Saturn VUE started production in 2002.

Another solid business reason for considering the Spring Hill Facility for any additional Theta Platform Requirements would be that this vehicle is very popular in the United Sates and should have a plant in the US. The New GM Company has expressed a sell it here, then we should build it here strategy. Since the United States is the largest stockholder for GM, then it would only be logical to expect that the United States would be a high priority for any additional plant requirements by the GM Leadership and the Obama Administration.

There are multiple other sound business reasons for considering the Spring Hill Site for future opportunities which we are prepared to articulate! In the meantime, we must have a world class build out of the Traverse so that the new GM personally experiences the professional car builders that the Spring Hill Plant has proven so many times before to have!
Our people have always been our best asset in making a business case for new products for the Spring Hill plant and will continue to be that way!

Best Regards,

Mike Herron
Chairman Local 1853
Spring Hill Tennessee

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