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Gov. Granholm of Michigan Says That TN Was “Sandbagging” Because It Did Want Want To Give GM $200M For 1,200 Jobs.

Gov. Granholm of Michigan Says That TN Was “Sandbagging” Because It Did Want Want To Give GM $200M For 1,200 Jobs.

Posted By Centrist on June 28, 2009

The Centrist is reading how three states put forth bids to Obama Motors to ’save’ 1,200 union jobs which will build a small car for the new GM. The esteemed Gov. of Tennesse was quoted on 6/12/09 as saying of the requirements for the plant:

They don’t care about tax credits and those other kinds of things…it certainly was a new look for me at how they’re approaching this thing, which is absolutely, ‘Tell me how big of a check you’re going to write.’"

The Governor of Michigan is quoted as saying on  these comments as "sandbagging" the competition. So the state of Michigan which is already using billions of dollars in stimulus monies to cover budget deficits came up with an innovative way to save the 1,200 union jobs at the Orion plant.

"Why not combine under one umbrella many of the state business tax incentives GM had been granted in previous years but was not going to use? This enabled the state to offer a $779-million, 20-year tax credit package, of which $300 million were new credits for preserving jobs at Orion and a Pontiac stamping plant." (end quote)

 So the state of Michigan gives tax incentives that the old GM (prior to bankruptcy) was granted in previous years but wasnt going to use and carries them forward.  On top of that $300 million in new tax credits were awarded to save the 1,200 union jobs.

The Centrist wants all to compare this three state competition to save 1,200 jobs for a company in which $50B of taxpayer monies have been provided in Federal bailout monies with the creation of 1,400 new auto jobs in LA.  The reported cost for this deal was $72m.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has announced that a new car company will build a plant in the northern part of his state in the near future, and one of the partners in the new automaker is none other than former Vice President Al Gore, a report said Thursday.

Jindal said the new automaker is V-Vehicle Company (VVC), headquartered in San Diego, and it represents a major coup for his state in being able to bring in a brand-new carmaker in the midst of the nation’s worst auto crisis in history.

The report, published in Daily Finance, said the new car will burn gasoline but likely be a high-mileage vehicle utilizing the latest technology.

The new plant, expected to be about 1 million square feet, will be built in Monroe, La., and is expected to take 15 months.

The report said the plant will provide about 1,500 jobs (end quote from AP)

After watch three states compete to save 1,200 jobs and another state with a Republican Governor creating 1,500 new auto jobs with 21st Century technology and market demand for the product I found the funniest quote to have come from Michigan and GM:

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