I hope Bob Corker enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame, becasue it seems like it might have cost his constituents some good jobs:

DETROIT — General Motors is expected to announce as soon as Friday that it will reverse plans to close two plants near Detroit after Michigan won a three-state battle to be the site where G.M. will build a new small car.

G.M. chose to make the car at its Orion Township assembly plant, which was scheduled to close in September, over plants in Janesville, Wis., and Spring Hill, Tenn., a person with knowledge with the decision said Thursday.

A metal-stamping plant about five miles away from Orion in the city of Pontiac will stay open to supply the Orion plant. The two plants employ about 5,000 people.

Remember when the auto industry went to the Bush Administration and asked for help because the entire economy had melted down and no one was buying cars? Remember how Corker demanded the executives and workers take significant penalties to get even a smidgen of help? And remember when Corker voted for the wall Street bailout — a bailout more than ten times the size of the auto industry bailout — that included precisely zero restriction or penalties for Wall Street bankers? Well, it certainly seems like people at GM do.